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We recognise that every project is unique and has its own peculiarities. At Acacia, we believe in identifying the unique challenges facing each destination and its environ, looking to nurture its brand by recommending optimal solutions that considers both resources as well as ambition.

Acacia adopts a holistic perspective to Wayfinding and environment branding, delivering an end user experience that is stress-free, enjoyable, that allows them to know where they have to go. At the same time Wayfinding should seek to create economic activity and pride in local communities. As a result, our holistic Environment Branding methodology allow destinations to:


Clarify a positioning that is differentiated from competitors 


Define the relationship between areas, targeting them to specific segment 


Develop messaging that persuasively communicates the destination’s benefits and propositions 


We are well attuned to local regulations, maintaining a strong working relationship with local government agencies such as BCA, LTA, SLA, NParks, thus ensuring effective and efficiently implemented solutions. Acacia is a member of the Working Group for the Singapore Standard for Public Signage. 


We also understand that the ability to connect architecture with a multidisciplinary approach, one that is capable of gaining an understanding of how humans interact on the ground – one that is able to connect the areas between buildings and public spaces to create pride in local culture. Environment Branding & Wayfinding cannot be conceptualised from a map.

As a full fledged wayfinding & signage design consultancy with a cross-functional team of Architecture, Branding & Mechanical Engineering talents, Acacia has enabled destinations to deliver on projects of all sizes.

The Acacia

Local Regulations
& Culture

In an industry where consultants are polarised between expertise in creative brand strategy versus technical wayfinding execution, Acacia is a rare find that effectively synergises between the two, with deep experience in projects of all manner.


Acacia’s holistic approach across a comprehensive work scope ensures solutions that are well aligned across all touch-points.

Nurturing Brands
of All Sizes™

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