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Acacia's cross-functional team of Architecture, Branding & Mechanical Engineering talents adopt a holistic perspective to Environment Branding & Wayfinding, delivering an end user experience that is stress-free, enjoyable, that allows them to know where they have to go.


Beginning by understanding, observation we research the problem or opportunity that motivates the search for solutions.

Strategy development defines the way forward for any large and complex environment. It clearly outlines the objectives of any wayfinding and signage program.

As an award winning Branding as well as full fledged Wayfinding Consultant, we understand the important role that Branding plays.

Our team begins by brainstorming to fully explore all opportunities. Research that involves Universal Design Principles then leads us to produce a range of design approaches and concepts that are reviewed.

Our designers work closely with sign fabricators and suppliers to produce more optimal solutions. This provides us with a knowledge on the latest materials that supports the design process.

Our team offers deliverables that have taken wayfinding consulting in to an entirely new areas, including that of digital wayfinding solutions. To each new challenge  – from ambitious structures, innovative materials or the need for interactive digital interface. 

Project management is an integral part for projects of all sizes and the key to success is to provide an effective means of achieving client objectives. Phases typically include strategy, concept & design development followed by construction  administration & documentation. 

Acacia delivers & manages a comprehensive system

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